It’s strange to think…

Last year I got divorced, and I’m back home in California living with my family. Never in a million years, I would have thought that it was a blessing in disguise.

If my marriage didn’t end, I would have felt cut off from them, so alone that it breaks my heart to even think about it. So as it goes – life has a mysterious way of guiding you to where you should be; I am truly blessed.

So on my way home from the store, driving with my mask and gloves on. I see the large kiosk, but the words have changed from the road construction up ahead, to COVID-19 go back to your homes. And as I pull into my driveway, I see a woman talking on the phone walking down the street with no mask on. Why wouldn’t you even try to protect yourself and your family? It’s not the most comfortable thing, especially when you wear glasses because the fog up if you breathe too hard.

So as I was taking out the garbage cans, I see a man walking his dogs, and he sees me in my mask, and we wave at each other in a kind of awkward way. And I wondered if he was thinking the same thing I was. I know how you feel, and it made me smile.

Normal never seemed so perfect until now. You never know how good it is until things change drastically one day, and you can’t exactly remember what that normalcy feels like.

This is my rant for the day, I hope you and your family (friends) are happy and healthy.

Stephanie Lynn Comello


Photo by Suganth on Unsplash (Thank you!)

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