This is truly mind-blowing.

So I went to make a grocery run for my family, and I was met with a line that wrapped around almost the entire Sam’s Club building, and people were in line waiting. The insane thing was they weren’t six feet apart, the only distance was the cart between them. I turned around and went to StaterBrothers, they are one of the only stores that you can actually go into and find most of the things that you need. Everyone that works they are so kind and helpful, which is why when I saw a man yell at the young man that worked the meat counter because they didn’t have numbers. I was utterly speechless, but he handled it with dignity and respect, that is how people should be in when faced with rude people.

The photo above is the toilet paper aisle, they were thoroughly cleaned out of everything, including all kleenex and Clorox products. It’s like when COVID-19 hit, everyone lost their mind and decided to stock up on it.

So again, I would like to thank my neighborhood StaterBrothers for being so amazing!

Stephanie Lynn Comello 🙂

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