Here With Me

Along the night and gentle breeze, my love should be here with meBut you are gone from my sight leaving me lonelyAnd as the day begins to rise and the stars begin to slumberI am gone away from you, leaving my heart left to wanderI am the moon when you are the sunAnd I shine … Continue reading Here With Me

One Kiss

With just one kiss the world melted awayAnd the angels began to sigh The sun paled in comparisonAnd the moon began to cry The stars started to shimmerRaining down from the sky All I could do was think of youAs I held on to you so tight It could have been an hour, a day, … Continue reading One Kiss


Underneath the willow tree as the sun sets in the skyI often wonder if you're searching for me as the gentle breeze blows byMy heart is like a beacon burning for you to seeWith a soul that is as old as time, I wait for you to come to meMy love I have searched every … Continue reading Here