To my heart I will be true, said the girl to her empty soul
And when you open up again, will he fill it, keep it full?

To touch, to feel, gaze into your eyes, think of the possibilities
Maybe your soul will find it’s way back home, with a familiarity

Her heart is healed, though the scars remain hidden deep within
Longing for what her parents have love forever sent

Strong, fierce, loyal till the end, she found herself again
Only wanting to find her missing half, finally to become whole

But she is happy, completely free
The only thing she needs to do is finally take the leap

Wishing for only happiness, she rises up like the phoenix she is
Her soul’s a shining beacon shining from within


I may not be the most perfect person
I may not be the most wealthy
I may not be the most beautiful
I may not be the most astute
But what I am is –
Affectionate –
Being you will ever meet, do not judge me
With your querulous ways, cold eyes
Never seeing the truth about who and what I am
Your assumptions have made an ass out of you…