The Twilight’s Lover

Twilight took a lover, star crossed, against the odds, with impossible struggles
Could it ever work out? Will they be together forever? Or will they be apart

Between the night and  the day, they would flirt, frolic, and play
But never quite able to consume time balanced as one

The moon would weep as it turned into the morning dew covering everything she loved
The sun would see it glisten like diamonds such a beautiful sight, and with the warmth of her smile, would melt away all the jewels

That is why you will never see her face, she turns it to the stars
Waiting to see her twilight’s lover

The Butterfly’s Servants

Like a moth to a flame, they were caught all the same

The way she floats upon the breeze, hypnotic, ensnaring

They all came from near and far, entranced by her magical ways

First, the bees came in droves to give her sweetest honeysuckle

Second, came the ants to build her a bed made of leaves and grass

Third, the crickets showed up to sing a beautiful tune

Lastly, ladybugs gave her luck in everything she will do

All becoming the Butterfly’s servants, making sure she had the best

It was their lives only purpose to drudge their simple life away

Because of her wizardry, no one will ever escape from her allurement


The face upon the moon, the stars that will shimmer soon

I can only imagine the magic that will ensue

The glow upon the clouds, making the water glimmer across the sea

That’s where you will always find me, casting my dreams upon the waves

Lulled by the sounds, it is zen to my soul

The crunch of the sand beneath, the salty breeze, the seagulls in flight

And it all happened upon

A moonlit night…

Guardian of Names

She wandered around the library, it was her most favorite
And stumbled upon a secret room behind the wooden case

It was dusty and dank, with books lined the room from
ceiling to the floor
As she found the light switch, she stood there in awe

Upon a cluttered table, an insignia had appeared
It read Guardian of Names, Honor, Love, Protect

Slowly she made her way around the immense room, eyes
darting from title to tile
She had no clue where to look with so many wonderful books

There was one book that caught her eye upon the table
As if she was pulled by a force unknown she sat down upon
the chair

The title was brief Before was all that was there
She opened it up as the text began to come in

You have been chosen, the first line read before it disappeared
Make your vow, sign the book and you shall be bound

Guardian of the names, it’s your birth rite, written in these tomes
You have the power, so do not take this lightly, for they are now
within your care

Take the quill, write their stories
Bearer of the names, keep track, record, fight

Something of an Obsession

When she looked at herself in the mirror, she saw
everything but what the world would see
Refracting back was something she hated, despised
Not knowing that her views were contorted
For years she was victimized, traumatized
Beating her down till she was nothing but a whisper
of what she was before
On her face, she wore a smile that never quite met her eyes
And in the night before she slept, she would mourn
Waking with streaks upon her face, and memories from
her dreams
A photograph of what her heart desired
Stoking flames from her pyre, smoldering from deep within
Then she realized she had to break free
Annulling all that is bad in her life, she knew it now, just
what she wanted, what she deserved
To love and be loved like no other would; just as her parents’ love
was strong and right
In her heart of hearts that her soul was the guide, through time,
and space it would seek him out
Something of an obsession, stemming from a little girls heart…


Deep within, it brews, it spins
Creating friction from deep withinAbove all else, there’s a realm of hope
Should you choose it, follow your trope

Among the stars and above the moon
Spinning magic, a whimsical hewn

Tears falling to the earth
It’s mother nature’s rebirth

The storm within is cast upon your heart
Never shall we ever be apart

Memory In The Soul

If souls could speak, they would speak of buried emotions deep inside

Scarred, broken, lost and alone

But you touched my soul, with a feathery embrace

Through words, kindness, and your sweet gaze

Healing my soul, breaking it free

So all that is left are memories…

On A Sunny Day

The Willow trees are dancing again upon the gentle breeze

And the twittering birds are hiding inside the trees

As I walk along the meadow making my way  towards the brook

You can hear it off in distance whispering to the skies

A flock of ducks are yammering as they float along

And the birds are singing their sweet little songs

This is my zen, the place I long to be

Walking with nature, feeling so free

The dragonflies are perching upon the typhias

And the frogs are sunning on Lily pads

Water Lily’s sweet perfume gently floating on the air

The sounds, the scents, the total of it all; it calms my soul,

gives me peace, on this sunny day…


Moonlite glow, upon a starry night
Alight is the fireflies as if they are sprites

Giving a great peace that begins within
I stare in wonder, upon my face I grin

Could it be the crisp nights’ air
A lonely cloud floating who knows where

La Luna in it’s purest state
Mythical beams cast, this must be fate

You have given us a chance to witness life
Sweet melodic sounds played upon a fife

To dance under the moon at a passionate pace
It transcends all time and space

Caught up on this whimsy, all doe-eyed and new
A heart of love that grew

Love is Magical

Tangled Mind

Bewitching beauty, she did not see it
Wrapped in her doubts

Loving heart, she could not believe it
How could anyone love her

Angelic soul, it felt like home, but unfortunately she had lost the key
It was locked away deep inside you see

Selfless being, she thought it was something that didn’t exist
She wove herself into many knots, nearly impossible to unfurl

His mind was an open book, she didn’t know that type of honesty was real
Something clicked into place in her heart; and her weavings fell apart

You see, he was her key locked deep within her
Now she can truly be free