Dream, Love Will Get You Through

There is nothing more powerful, amazing, priceless than love

It is forever changing, evolving, growing, unconditional

It is there for you, when you are in need

It is one of the few things you can count on

Though it is taken for granted, and broken from time to time

It is amazing to me that your heart can survive

Though it takes time, the hurt fades and you are only left with memories

Memories from a life that you couldn’t possibly have lived

Trying to save something that has turned to deceit

There may be tears from the enormity of it all

But the tracks fade away and loneliness will fall

That’s when you begin to realize

You are worth more than that, you shouldn’t settle for less

The epiphany strikes when you aren’t looking

You deserve better; loyalty, kindness, compassion, honesty, and above all love

You are love

As love is you

Journey of the Dragonfly

As they drip down in unison, who will win the race?

Leaving a trace that signifies your broken heart

Welling up from your soul

Sorrow is playing in your mind

Though you have forgotten him, he will never truly cross your mind

Perhaps, in a nightmare that interrupts your dreams

Eyes wide open, now you can truly see

Life has a way of hitting you when you’re down

Makes you stumble, even fall

But I will dig deep down, find the strength I need to fair through it all

To keep my eyes open, learn to heal and grow once again

I have lived a life that I was not meant for

Losing my identity, me

Ready to love again, to give it freely

Without strings and falsehoods, truth spoken loud and clear

Never will I settle again, never will I salvage what is lost

I am like a dragonfly, my soul zipping through the air

Warming rays of light, shining down upon me

I am truly grateful, now that I can see

That I am now me, and not someone I was not meant to be

The Sun, Soul Searching, and Life

Everything is as it should be, no regrets

That’s what they tell you in a flat, monotone way

It reverberates into your bones, into your brain

But as always your heart says “No!”

“This isn’t the way life should be!”

Never should you tolerate settling, “Never!”

Not for the deceit, not for the absence of love, not for the lack of physical affection, “You are worth more than that”

Freedom never looked so good on you

You find yourself hearing your heart speak the words, though you have heard it before

“You are love, soul shining bright, beautiful heart, let love in, you are worth it”

You are the only one that has the control to take it into your being or deny what you truly know