A New World

So, here I stand at my local UPS store, and the sign next to the door reads, “For Health – Maximum 5 Guests At A Time.” This is our new reality, it happened so fast, it’s daunting, scary, and insane! A tiny word COVID-19 could transform our existence into this. The overall tone of the country has changed, we all used to be our old opinionated, sarcastic, politically correct selves. We as a whole, it matters not your sexual orientation, religious beliefs, political party, or views on life really, have been hit with something that we were not ready to handle.

What started and continues to be a blame game on who’s fault this is, frankly, that is not important. It’s pulling together to get the things we need to protect all of our brave healthcare, public servants, and anyone that has their business open to provide us with care, basic necessities, and anything essential to living day by day.

Have we lost our common decency in light of this horrifying panic we are in? What happened to the niceties that were given because any less was considered wrong? I have seen and been on the receiving end of some of the vilest, mean, and frightening words or actions of people who are in the same boat as we all are.

There is nothing more terrifying than a mob mentality when it comes to making sure you provide the food needed to help your family survive. They actually had toilet paper and paper towels when I was at the store, and so many people tried to buy more than the allotted amount and got mad when they were stopped. There were almost zero cleaning products, and there was no kleenex to be had at all. I’m in disbelief how little there is to buy or how people have lost their common decency and tried to buy the things they think will be in demand and sell them on eBay for almost quadruple the amount or more. Don’t they see they are helping the panic and stupidity spread faster?

I am just as scared and concerned for my family as you are concerned about yours. I wish everyone good health and happiness, because without those things, what good is anything else?

I want to thank everyone for their part in helping us weather this terrible storm, my thoughts and prayers are with you all. I know we will get through this as one of our founding fathers said –

“By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall!” Found Father John Dickinson

Thank you for reading this, and please take care.

Stephanie Lynn Comello

It has been way too long…

Hello everyone!

It has been a very long time since I have posted anything, life has been so crazy as of late, and I finally have my groove back. I am one of the lucky people that are blessed enough to work from home. I can’t imagine how terrible it must be for the millions of people that have lost their job due to this awful pandemic.

Life has been a blur of working, cooking, cleaning, sleep, and repeat. I finally decided it was time for me to make room for writing and blogging, which I have missed dearly. That also includes my podcast, which I am working on a new one right now! YAY!

I hope everyone is staying healthy and happy in this crazy time. I would like to personally thank everyone, starting with my cousin Alicia, she is a nurse working on the front lines of this terrible epidemic, my prayers and thoughts are with you and everyone that works during these dangerous times. That also includes all of the garbage collectors, mail people, delivery drivers, grocery store workers, restaurant staff, as well as anyone else that are unsung heroes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, without you, where would we be.

I promise there will be many more posts to come until then stay safe and healthy.

Stephanie Lynn Comello