Stones in the Dream

There once was a wee lass
Who was known for her dreamscaping craft

Her talent was known far and wide
She hardly had time to unwind

For on a forbidding day, they came to her all the same
A barren was missing and his pàrantan were sate with grief

They begged for her help to find him, he was all that they had to keep
With his favorite toy, she went to dream, through the shroud of time

Where she caught the image upon the birth of the meadow
Focusing in on the details of the stones that had emerged

The barren had wandered away from his cottage and got lost along the way
Crying for his pàrantan, he came upon the stones that day

It took but a touch to send him spiraling through time and space
You see it sent him to another time, a future he had not known

Not knowing technology or anything mechanical
He was wrought with fear, he just wanted his Màthair and Athair

She told them where the stones were and how to pass through time with haste
So they could be reunited and save him from that place

Who knew that this could happen or how to find a way
Except for the wee lass that could dream of the stones

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