Her Heart

Her heart, it beats deeply
Her heart is fathomless

She loves fiercely
She is love

Though it may have scars from life
They are not deep enough for her to give up

We all have had our heartaches, and breaks
But we are still here, fighting for a chance at real happiness

That thing your parents have from fifty years of marriage
Knowing that someone loves you as deeply as you do them

Her heart, it beats deeply
Her heart will grow

Sleeping Kiss

There once was a fair maid with a long main of curly red locks
She was wandering the forest until she got herself lost

Laying upon a hill of the softest green moss
Quickly she fell asleep, not giving it another thought

And on that fine day, a dragon cavalier was out hunting just for sport
He came upon the maiden, it threw him out of sorts

He’d never seen such beauty in all the land far and wide
Walking to where she lay, studying her as she sighed

His mind was in a whirlwind, he couldn’t even think
He was so parched he had to take a drink

Her lips tasted like candy, honey-sweet and so very soft
When her eyes fluttered open, the breath in her lungs caught

For arching over her was a man with a handsome bearded face
Wearing the reddest armor that she had ever seen to date

She knew right at that moment, he was of the dragon’s keep
They were the saviors that protected all the land and he was
grinning at her, she couldn’t help but watch, she didn’t make a

And when he spoke to her, her heart began to race
She couldn’t help herself, she reached up and touched his face

He rescued her that day, returning her to her parents unscathed
A fortnight from then, they were wed, to live happily ever after in

During their life, they would reminisce about that fateful day
The Sleeping Kiss was a fairytale that they told children when it
was time to sleep

And with that, the story had spread across the land
But it had changing so much throughout the years, but the story
was the same

The Flame in the Willow

The willow was relaxing one beautiful spring day
Stretching its branches as the breeze fluttered away

Birds nesting high up in the tree, as mothers fed their hatchlings
A girl was out that bright day flying a kite lofty through the trees

She felt as if she were up there, floating, feeling free
The willow looked upon her and instantly it knew peace

Hearing her squeals of laughter, the smile upon her face
He wanted to make her happy, protect her, to have her visit as she, please

Willow didn’t know that feeling but was content with it all the same
Days turned into months and graduated into years, she would always
come to visit, and as time passed her passions changed

First, she was into climbing upon his sturdy arms, perching there for
hours staring at the stars
Then, she starting reading, leaning upon his stalk dreaming the day away

Finally, she brought a man with her, enjoying a picnic underneath his lush canopy
The man got down on one knee and to her great surprise opened a tiny box and asked her to be his wife

He heard her tell him yes a hundred thousand times and at that moment he began to realize
It was love that he had for her, it was the flame in the Willow burning bright within, that
gave him so much joy

The moral of this story is love is there so take it in, don’t be afraid to show it, or you might miss out on happiness
That I have no doubt

The Death of the Girl

Once there was a girl who came from a sunny place
Upon her arm, she wore a tiny heart surrounded by the stars and sun

She lived her life with such fierce veracity, that people were drawn to her just to hear her talk
She could read them, feel what they felt, it was a God-given gift, but she did not know these things

A messenger of hope, one of peace, love, and family
There was a plan, a destiny, written in the stars

But when she fell ill, she did not grieve for her own loss, for she lived each day if it was her last
With no regrets, she never had a doubt they would remember her kind, loving heart

That was her mark, her legacy because her faith was unwavering, it gave her strength and courage
Always to be remembered fondly, and that’s what life is worth

Stones in the Dream

There once was a wee lass
Who was known for her dreamscaping craft

Her talent was known far and wide
She hardly had time to unwind

For on a forbidding day, they came to her all the same
A barren was missing and his pàrantan were sate with grief

They begged for her help to find him, he was all that they had to keep
With his favorite toy, she went to dream, through the shroud of time

Where she caught the image upon the birth of the meadow
Focusing in on the details of the stones that had emerged

The barren had wandered away from his cottage and got lost along the way
Crying for his pàrantan, he came upon the stones that day

It took but a touch to send him spiraling through time and space
You see it sent him to another time, a future he had not known

Not knowing technology or anything mechanical
He was wrought with fear, he just wanted his Màthair and Athair

She told them where the stones were and how to pass through time with haste
So they could be reunited and save him from that place

Who knew that this could happen or how to find a way
Except for the wee lass that could dream of the stones