The Frozen Flame

There once was a girl who had a passion for love
She loved the sun, the moon, the stars; every one that
she encountered in her life

She loved with a passion as bright as the sun, but as
cool as a springtimes night
And then by chance, she fell in love with a man that
was her everything

But unfortunately, in the end, he was not what he had
He was cruel and distant, broken, and he broke her in
so many ways

That her heart had started to turn to ice, till there was
nothing but a frozen flame
It glistened and it glittered, but the wound was way too

So she left him, ran away, never looking back, with crystals
upon her face
The ache inside her chest was a constant nagging strain

But then one day along the way, it started to subside
And the flame started to flicker, warming her inside

Upon an ordinary day, she met him if by chance
Soon it didn’t matter, it was a thing of the past

The Flame ignited and began to shine brighter than before
You could see it in her eyes, her laugh, emerging from her soul

She never thought it was possible, but he was her exodus
Now and forevermore…

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