Guardian of Names

She wandered around the library, it was her most favorite
And stumbled upon a secret room behind the wooden case

It was dusty and dank, with books lined the room from
ceiling to the floor
As she found the light switch, she stood there in awe

Upon a cluttered table, an insignia had appeared
It read Guardian of Names, Honor, Love, Protect

Slowly she made her way around the immense room, eyes
darting from title to tile
She had no clue where to look with so many wonderful books

There was one book that caught her eye upon the table
As if she was pulled by a force unknown she sat down upon
the chair

The title was brief Before was all that was there
She opened it up as the text began to come in

You have been chosen, the first line read before it disappeared
Make your vow, sign the book and you shall be bound

Guardian of the names, it’s your birth rite, written in these tomes
You have the power, so do not take this lightly, for they are now
within your care

Take the quill, write their stories
Bearer of the names, keep track, record, fight

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