Something of an Obsession

When she looked at herself in the mirror, she saw
everything but what the world would see
Refracting back was something she hated, despised
Not knowing that her views were contorted
For years she was victimized, traumatized
Beating her down till she was nothing but a whisper
of what she was before
On her face, she wore a smile that never quite met her eyes
And in the night before she slept, she would mourn
Waking with streaks upon her face, and memories from
her dreams
A photograph of what her heart desired
Stoking flames from her pyre, smoldering from deep within
Then she realized she had to break free
Annulling all that is bad in her life, she knew it now, just
what she wanted, what she deserved
To love and be loved like no other would; just as her parents’ love
was strong and right
In her heart of hearts that her soul was the guide, through time,
and space it would seek him out
Something of an obsession, stemming from a little girls heart…

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