The Lovely Consort

Amber eyes piercing into the depths of his heart
Ruby lips promising a sweet and tender start

She was all that beauty had to offer, all wrapped into her
For it was the way she held herself, she was an exquisite creature

Taking you on adventures, through the day into the night
Making you feel as if you could take flight

She lived like no other and loved just the same
Inside she ignited a flame

Wanting her with everything that you are and so much more
But in the end, you would watch her walking out the door

The Lovely Consort couldn’t stay, it wasn’t who she was
But you still loved her, even beyond her flaws

The Frozen Flame

There once was a girl who had a passion for love
She loved the sun, the moon, the stars; every one that
she encountered in her life

She loved with a passion as bright as the sun, but as
cool as a springtimes night
And then by chance, she fell in love with a man that
was her everything

But unfortunately, in the end, he was not what he had
He was cruel and distant, broken, and he broke her in
so many ways

That her heart had started to turn to ice, till there was
nothing but a frozen flame
It glistened and it glittered, but the wound was way too

So she left him, ran away, never looking back, with crystals
upon her face
The ache inside her chest was a constant nagging strain

But then one day along the way, it started to subside
And the flame started to flicker, warming her inside

Upon an ordinary day, she met him if by chance
Soon it didn’t matter, it was a thing of the past

The Flame ignited and began to shine brighter than before
You could see it in her eyes, her laugh, emerging from her soul

She never thought it was possible, but he was her exodus
Now and forevermore…

The Red Dragons

There once were dragons that ruled across the land, the most powerful of all was the swarm of the Red

They were fierce, bold, unstoppable; most said that if the Reds were around then war was not far


But they were noble, lived by a code, that is why the swarm was so old

To look at them they were chilling, having rows of sharp teeth, horns upon their head


They weren’t the largest, but they ruled the lands, from the moors to valleys end

No one could tame them, to try was at your own demise


With their firey breath, they could torch anything to dust

Hunters by nature, they would always be on the lookout for prey


The people of the land loved them, giving them tribute

And that brought harmony


And in return, the Red dragons protected the people

Living in peace

The Rose in the Shard

Once there was a girl that loved roses in the garden where she lived

She would follow all the honey bees around to the castle where they dwell

Standing there watching them for hours on end, they were everything to her

Her only friends

She would pet their wings, and let them crawl upon her hand

Protecting them when no one can

On this day she picked a rose and admired it throughout the day

Her friends saw her delight in it and decided to give her a gift

The bees began to encase the rose inside their honey and wax

And presented her the rose in the shard, for it will ever last

The Twilight’s Lover

Twilight took a lover, star crossed, against the odds, with impossible struggles
Could it ever work out? Will they be together forever? Or will they be apart

Between the night and  the day, they would flirt, frolic, and play
But never quite able to consume time balanced as one

The moon would weep as it turned into the morning dew covering everything she loved
The sun would see it glisten like diamonds such a beautiful sight, and with the warmth of her smile, would melt away all the jewels

That is why you will never see her face, she turns it to the stars
Waiting to see her twilight’s lover

The Butterfly’s Servants

Like a moth to a flame, they were caught all the same

The way she floats upon the breeze, hypnotic, ensnaring

They all came from near and far, entranced by her magical ways

First, the bees came in droves to give her sweetest honeysuckle

Second, came the ants to build her a bed made of leaves and grass

Third, the crickets showed up to sing a beautiful tune

Lastly, ladybugs gave her luck in everything she will do

All becoming the Butterfly’s servants, making sure she had the best

It was their lives only purpose to drudge their simple life away

Because of her wizardry, no one will ever escape from her allurement


The face upon the moon, the stars that will shimmer soon

I can only imagine the magic that will ensue

The glow upon the clouds, making the water glimmer across the sea

That’s where you will always find me, casting my dreams upon the waves

Lulled by the sounds, it is zen to my soul

The crunch of the sand beneath, the salty breeze, the seagulls in flight

And it all happened upon

A moonlit night…

Guardian of Names

She wandered around the library, it was her most favorite
And stumbled upon a secret room behind the wooden case

It was dusty and dank, with books lined the room from
ceiling to the floor
As she found the light switch, she stood there in awe

Upon a cluttered table, an insignia had appeared
It read Guardian of Names, Honor, Love, Protect

Slowly she made her way around the immense room, eyes
darting from title to tile
She had no clue where to look with so many wonderful books

There was one book that caught her eye upon the table
As if she was pulled by a force unknown she sat down upon
the chair

The title was brief Before was all that was there
She opened it up as the text began to come in

You have been chosen, the first line read before it disappeared
Make your vow, sign the book and you shall be bound

Guardian of the names, it’s your birth rite, written in these tomes
You have the power, so do not take this lightly, for they are now
within your care

Take the quill, write their stories
Bearer of the names, keep track, record, fight

Something of an Obsession

When she looked at herself in the mirror, she saw
everything but what the world would see
Refracting back was something she hated, despised
Not knowing that her views were contorted
For years she was victimized, traumatized
Beating her down till she was nothing but a whisper
of what she was before
On her face, she wore a smile that never quite met her eyes
And in the night before she slept, she would mourn
Waking with streaks upon her face, and memories from
her dreams
A photograph of what her heart desired
Stoking flames from her pyre, smoldering from deep within
Then she realized she had to break free
Annulling all that is bad in her life, she knew it now, just
what she wanted, what she deserved
To love and be loved like no other would; just as her parents’ love
was strong and right
In her heart of hearts that her soul was the guide, through time,
and space it would seek him out
Something of an obsession, stemming from a little girls heart…

The Fictioneer

It all started upon a chilled night, in the office of author Jennifer Spencer. She was staring at the blinking cursor on her computer, pondering how she should start her newest novel. It was a cross between paranormal and romance; with a dash of levity. Doing what she knows as her regular routine for creating her masterpiece, but it seems now that it’s just not cutting it. Something was haunting her, blocking her mind to write from her soul as she always does.

“Okay Jenny let’s just start with one word, that’s a good start.” she tried to reason with herself

 “The… What’s next?” her focus started to wane, but she wrote on.

The fictioneer sat silently in front of her paper, pen in hand wondering how she should start. It was her chance to become what she had been dreaming of since she read her first book. Feeling like an unsung hero, floundering for a grasp on this elusive book that was floating in her head. Knowing it was there deep in her being, just waiting to pull it out and let it shine.

Never wanting to give up, she started to write.

It was chilly and the night creatures were starting to awaken giving chase to their normalcy. Crickets were chirping, the lightening bugs were starting to flicker their eternal glow. But something wasn’t quite right, something was amiss. There was a new creature, one that would make you shake with fear, take your life if you weren’t careful, they were even more dangerous when the full moon would rise in the sky.

Ruby weaved her magic as her pen danced upon the paper, she was in her element. Like she was guided to write, this was who she was, always knowing that she was meant to do this in her life, it was a part of her like nothing else.

She glanced at the clock and noticed that it was only but a moment, even though she was shocked by how little time had passed she pushed on. Bringing the beast out to play for a while.

As if by chance the howling began, first at a melancholy pace, there was one, then two, and in the end the symphony escalated to seven. It sounded haunting, the way that they blended and accompanied  each other. And just as fast as they came they were gone, what a sound to hear outside your door in the dark of night.

Their feet pounding the forest floor, new scents invading their nostrils. They were on the hunt, and they wanted blood. Glowing yellow eyes pierced the night, ever searching, ever yearning. It was as though the thirst was a part of them, what they lived for. Their pack used to be mighty, they were a hundred strong, but as the centuries had past the werewolf hunters had picked them off one by one. Until there were only seven left, and they needed to bring new people into their ranks, as quickly as possible.

There was scratching outside Ruby’s window, she didn’t think anything of it and continued to write. She went to the kitchen to get a cup of tea, it was her go-to drink when she was writing. The kettle was on the stove and while she waited she started looking through the cupboard to see if there was anything she could nibble on. She ended up finding some ginger snaps she could pair with her tea, taking her bounty back into her office to continue to write.

Suddenly, Harland stopped abruptly his nose in the air, something caught his attention. He inhaled deeply to process the scent everything in his being shouted mine. He turned and led the pack to a little cottage in the woods, it was red with navy blue shutters and the path to the front door was lined with roses and perennials. He could hear a heart beating inside and he knew he had to have her, wanted to claim her. One word popped into his mind, mate. As he walked up to the window, he changed from beast to man, peering in to see his mate.

She was beautiful, long brown hair that was piled on top of her head and she was wearing glasses gazing upon her laptop chewing on her bottom lip. Wondering what she was thinking about. Harland took a deep breath and he smelled her intoxicating scent, his loins tightened, he wanted, no he needed her. Jennifer looked up and glanced at the window, she had an odd feeling that someone was watching her. The hair on the back of her neck stood up and a shiver went down her spine. What on earth was happening?

Jennifer started re-reading when she had just written, always looking for ways to revise and make better. Halfway through it, her eyes stopped at the last paragraph and her breath left her body.

“I don’t remember writing this, what’s going on?” Jennifer asked aloud.

“How did I get into this story? Who is Harland?” she got up abruptly and headed for the window she looked around and saw nothing. So she ventured to the door and went outside to look around.

Walking along the path near the front door she made her way to the first window on the left looking around she found nothing that was out of the ordinary. Then she traveled to the back of the house and looked around the two windows, but nothing seemed askew. Finally, she made it to the last window there was a handprint on the window and boot prints in the flowerbed below. Terror seeped into her being and she tried to leave this spot but she was frozen. The only comfort that she had was her own reflection staring back at her in horror.

Jennifer heard a twig snap and she spun around and came face to face with a amber eyed wolf, it was huge, it stood there staring at her and yet she wasn’t afraid. It was like she was falling into its eyes, all consuming it was like it was looking into her soul. Standing there barefoot, in her red sweater and yoga pants with her hair in a messy bun on the top of her head. She knelt down and the wolf started to walk up to her and nuzzled her neck. Jennifer wrapped her arms around the giant wolf and snuggled into him.

She lost track of time, and when she opened her eyes there were five more wolfs standing behind him. Harland stepped back and looked from his wolves to her and suddenly the wolf changed into a stunning man with amber eyes, smile upon his lips.

“Who are you?” Jennifer asked in astonishment.

“I’m Harland, Jennifer we need to talk. I know this is a lot to take in.” Harland purred. As if on que the remaining wolfs transformed into humans. There were three men and three women, as if they were almost paired together.

“Do you want to come inside? All of you?” she questioned.

“I think it would be best if we were to talk alone.” he answered as he took her hand and walked with her to the front door.

And as she shut the door behind her and turned to face him, he was there looking at her like no man has ever before. It was one of the most simple jestures that had happened, he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. It sent sparks flying all over her body, she lost all train of thought.

“We should sit and talk, I know you must have so many questions.” Harland prompted.

Guiding her to the love seat in the den, they sat together.

“Yes, Harland I do, and I’m really surprised that I’m not freaking out, Why do you think that is?” Jennifer asked. He filled most of the space on the love seat and she could feel his strength, it was like being wrapped up in a warm blanket, feeling safe and home.

“I guess I should tell you the story of my people, the Lycans we are descendants of King Lycaon he was said to be a cruel and vile king and some believe that he tried to trick Zeus into eating human flesh. But he was not easily tricked and in a rage he punished him and his family by turning them into wolves. “ He began.

“But that is not the true story, the Lycans were born out of the need to survive, my great, great, great grandfather was the very first lycan to be made. He was kind of a small village of people, they prospered and lived their lives in peace and harmony. They wanted for nothing, and were happy and free. But the Moor King was jealous of King Alexander, some say he made a deal with the devil to punish him, but the truth be told he was cursed by a dark Moor Witch that changed him into a werewolf, but she did not stop there, she changed his entire kingdom. The Moor King underestimated the King and his village, not only did they learn how to live as lycans, they embraced it. Making them the most powerful warriors to ever have walked the earth. With that they rid the world of the Moor King and his Dark Witch.

We have evolved and grown over time, but with that time humans figured out a way to hunt us and we have dwindled down to what you see today seven have survived. This part might be a little strange to you Jennifer, but you need to know everything about us. In our lifetime as have one mate, to love, protect and support. I am the alpha of my pack and I have not found my true mate in all of these centuries. Until I found you, everything in my body is telling me to bond to you but I’m fighting it because you deserve a choice. I know this is scary and not normal, but I know you feel it, the connection between us.” He simply stated.

“I had no idea that you existed, I’ve been writing about lycan for years, and I always felt a kinship to them. Harland, what does it mean to bond to someone? Because I have this pull, no, a need to be close to you, touching you.” Jennifer said taking his hand into hers,

“You were waiting all of these years for me? Tell me…” He started, but before he could finish, she was leaning into to him kissing, touching, pressing against him.

He took her face in his hands and traced it with butterfly kisses then returning to her lips. Need was beginning to take him over, but he had to be strong for her, he would do it.

“Jennifer…” He breathed out “I need you to know what being with me entails, you need to know everything.”

He explained exactly what bonding was, and how it worked. When you bond to your true mate, you must take the vows of the Lycan, and you would give yourself unto me as I would give myself unto you. The last part is the biggest sacrifice one could make for another.

“Durning bonding the Lycan has to mate with you, mark you as his for all eturnity. When it is completed you will no longer be as your former human self, that mark will turn you into a werewolf. Then you will be forever my queen as I will forever be your king.” He said.

“Will I be eating people? Or even control myself?” She asked suddenly after she started processing what Harland told her.

“No, we do not eat people, but you will be able to defend yourself if the need arises. And yes you will be able to control yourself because we are one heart, one mind, and one soul. I am the dark to your light and you are the light to my dark. We complete each other.” He answered.

“This is so crazy, but Harland I can’t not be with you, my entire self needs  you, wants you, already loves you.” Jennifer said will all honesty.

He pulled her into his arms kissing her deeply, staring into her dark brown eyes, then he spoke.

“You will have me as your mate?” He needed to know right now.

“Yes, I will be your mate.” She said as tears glistened in her eyes, smile upon her lips.

“I want to do right by you Jennifer, tonight when the moon glows we will take our vows, meet me in front of your house at 11 pm.” He spouted.

“I will be there, what should I wear? Do I need to bring anything?” Jennifer beamed.

“Nothing my love, just be ready.” And with that he pulled her into his embrace and kisses her thoroughly. As he stood he took her with him, kisses her once more and headed toward the door.

“I am going to make you so happy, that I vow to you,” Then he was gone.

Jennifer went back to her computer to shut it down and she was shocked again when she looked at the screen.

She saw that more text was written even though she hasn’t been at her computer in a while. It was everything that had transpired since she went outside to investigate. Sitting there for what felt like an eternity she finished her story. For tonight she would be with her true mate and that is all that matters to her.

Ruby knew she had got it right putting Harland and Jennifer together, she completed her story with a simple ending.

And they lived happily ever after, through the waxing and waning moons. To share their lives together, building their life anew.

The End…