Tangled Mind

Bewitching beauty, she did not see it
Wrapped in her doubts

Loving heart, she could not believe it
How could anyone love her

Angelic soul, it felt like home, but unfortunately she had lost the key
It was locked away deep inside you see

Selfless being, she thought it was something that didn’t exist
She wove herself into many knots, nearly impossible to unfurl

His mind was an open book, she didn’t know that type of honesty was real
Something clicked into place in her heart; and her weavings fell apart

You see, he was her key locked deep within her
Now she can truly be free

On a Sunny Day

The Willow trees are dancing again upon the gentle breeze
And the twittering birds are hiding inside the trees

As I walk along the meadow making my way towards the brook
You can hear it off in distance whispering to the skies

A flock of ducks are yammering as they float along
And the birds are singing their sweet little songs

This is my zen, the place I long to be
Walking with nature, feeling so free

The dragonflies are perching upon the typhias
And the frogs are sunning on Lily pads

Water Lily’s sweet perfume gently floating on the air
The sounds, the scents, the total of it all; it calms my soul,
gives me peace, on this sunny day…