I’m finally published!

A collection of poems written throughout different phases of life, over four decades of work.

“Gardens, Gardens”

Gardens, gardens in my eyes; Come with me and fantasize
Come with me rain or shine
Gardens, gardens in my eyes” “1986”

“Enter Love”

My heart is ready so enter love

A child’s prayer to heaven above
My mind is free” “1999”

Seasons Of A Poet

Follow the above link to get your copy now, Kindle version will be available on May 02, 2019.


Have a wonderful day! 🙂

I have an angel…

This past week, I received some really solid advice, I was told to find the one thing that you love to do and just go for it.

That really sunk in, it resonated through my entire being. So I started going through my poetry and I haven’t stopped.

It invoked some deep feelings, and I remember writing some of them, but I remember the feelings that I had when I read them. They were like a long lost friend.

So I am blessed to have him in my life.

Thank you Kitty, for your wisdom and guidance. 🙂

Saturday Mood

On this beautiful Saturday in April, I find myself sitting here smiling. With no rhyme or reason, just me and my smile. 🙂 After all of the mundane that occurs in our lives, I find that it’s those things that mean most in life. That make memories lasting a lifetime.

The littlest of gestures, laughing together, going to a dog training class(I know don’t ask! :-/), a song playing. It’s magical to me, that’s why I try and remember these times, because at times they are fleeting.

I hope that your Saturday is blessed with love, happiness, health and of course laughter. 💕