Welcome to All Bark, No Write. Stephanie Lynn Comello, author, poet. Loves her family and friends, Dogs, her life; she cherishes the mundane little things that most take for granted and is also an avid gamer, lover of movies/TV shows. Music is her zen. She is very eclectic in what she likes. Stephanie loves dragonflies, willow trees, and rainy days. Her favorite time is either when the stars come out in the night or a foggy chilled day. She has been writing since she was seven. The poetry of William Shakespeare was her first love and the reason she started in the first place.


Underneath the willow tree as the sun sets in the skyI often wonder if you’re searching for me as the gentle breeze blows byMy heart is like a beacon burning for you to seeWith a soul that is as old as time, I wait for you to come to meMy love I have searched every … Continue reading Here


Though the mirror is brokenThe shards still reflect back And what you might be hiding is revealedYou can hide it from yourself for only so long Like waves they come crashing backWelling up like a forgotten love that has left so long ago But the sun refracts causing the glass to eliminate your soulWarming you … Continue reading Shards

Cosmic Night

Jupiter rises upon the blazing sun Sunkissed I always think of you Can you feel the warmth emanating from my soul? Will this life tease me yet again, eluding, as I seek you The songs are always the same, melodic Sliding down my cheeks Whispers of what could be Hit me in waves, haunting my … Continue reading Cosmic Night

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January 2021

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